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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Favorite Music?

Putting one's essence into little blog boxes is a challenge. I could not respond to "favorite music." I mean really. What if I were to be limited to the number of songs that I could type in that little box? I would be starved for the lost songs.

I choose favorite music from my repertoire as the mood and purpose change:

  • At the oddest times, I have a decided hunger for the classics. I learned to play classical piano under the instruction and wise guidance of Mrs. Nell Middleton (and a few earlier teachers.) Clementi's Sonatinas are forever in my fingers and heart.

  • I love a bit of country and western. When the time is right for it, no other style will do. If we vacation in Tennessee, the music we listen to is decidedly different from the music we listen to at the beach. (We always take John Denver with us to the mountains.)

  • When I give cooking my best effort, I must have Italian or Latino music to charge my culinary self image with life and possibility.

  • The grandchildren have reintroduced me to Ballou from Jungle Book singing "Bare Necessities" and as we listen and dance about appropriately, there is no better song on earth.

  • I have my prayer music collection on CDs. As I pray for America or Israel, each nation's songs ignite and enhance my prayers.

  • I experience my favorite music exploration lately when I sit at the piano and let the creative juices flow as I create "by ear" and "by heart" the songs that I hold deep within. As the Scripture says, "deep calls unto deep" and I am drawn to the heart of God in music.

My sampling of "Favorite Music" is evidence that variety is spicy. While young, I was gathering the "spices" for the moods and seasons of my life. Now that I have some decades behind me, I notice that I have on file just the right spice for the dish at hand.

Okay, my analogies are making me hungry. How about some Cannelloni inspired by the heavenly voice of Andrea Bocelli?

copyright --Peggy Guthrie

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